As the temperature rises, so increases the desire to reach for an ice-cold Coke. But what if that Coke literally came ice-cold?

In Dubai, it does. Beachside Cokes are being served in bottles made from ice on Kite Beach in May. The frozen vessels are true to their glass counterparts, keeping with Coca-Cola’s uniquely shaped contour bottle.

To make the special edition Coca-Cola bottles a reality, teams created a new packaging design and production process to manufacture the ice bottles and transport them. The process starts with pouring micro-filtered water into silicone molds, then freezing the water to below-18 °C and filling the molds with Coke.

Partnering with Kris Fade from Virgin Radio Dubai on one of the afternoons, Coca-Cola’s frozen bottles have made quite a splash. Also attending the pop-up experience were the region’s popular social media celebrities like Mohammed Sal, Abdullaziz Baz [Bin Baz], Fatma Husam and Ola Farahat who interacted with fans for a memorable afternoon.

The Ice Bottles are meant to delight fans with a refreshing Coca-Cola experience. To ensure those ordering up the iced Cokes don’t walk away with frozen fingers, consumers hold the icy bottle with a specially-created red band reminiscent of the 90’s slap bracelets, which consumers get to keep once the bottle melts away.

Check out the variety of posts that were published across various social media platforms using the #IceBottle hashtag on Instagram, and stay tuned for more to come via @CocaColaMiddleEast.