I believe in the power of business to change our world for the better. Not in theory. Not in the distant future. But right now. And it comes down to companies and individuals doing something extraordinary in the ordinary course of doing business.

Doing Good Via the Golden Triangle

Given the scale and complexity of today’s health and environmental issues, it’s challenging for one business — even one industry — to make a material difference on its own. Instead, we must rely on partnerships that connect across what I call the “Golden Triangle” of business, government and civil society.

Indeed, more and more companies are finding that we have something more valuable to offer for the good of the public than just our dollars, yen and euros. And that’s our expertise. Our know-how. Our unique and specific strengths. 

For The Coca-Cola Company, this means fully leveraging our organizational expertise in, among other things, marketing and distribution. For years, in fact, people have been wondering aloud: If Coca-Cola can reach the remotest corners of the world, could we help others do the same?

The short answer, of course, is yes. And I believe the best way to share our expertise and put it to work for others is through Golden Triangle partnerships.

Company Success Stories — Across the Planet

At Coca-Cola, we know our business can only be as strong, sustainable and healthy as the communities we proudly serve. Our well-being as a business is wholly interwoven with the well-being of our people, our consumers, our partners and our communities.

Take, for example, NetsforLife, a Golden Triangle partnership dedicated to battling malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2006 The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has been involved with NetsforLife, which has trained nearly 74,000 malaria control agents, distributed 8.5 million mosquito nets and saved the lives of more than 100,000 children.

To me, this is a very exciting Golden Triangle initiative — one that reveals the vast, largely untapped potential of businesses, governments and NGOs to collaborate creatively together.

Water is another Golden Triangle focus for us, as we work with our partners to become water-neutral by 2020. In other words, we plan to return to nature an amount of water equal to what we use in making our beverages.

Since 2005 we’ve conducted 286 community water projects in 94 countries, working with governments and partners including World Wildlife Fund, USAID, The Nature Conservancy and CARE.