Dark Iftar, the powerful Coca-Cola video about how prejudices are wrongly formed, has collected another major award – the Golden Sabre from the Global SABRE Awards, a premier global showcase for work produced by public relations agencies around the world.

The film, which also won a UAE Lynx Award and the Gold Lion at Cannes, is part of a 2015 Ramadan campaign by Coca-Cola Middle East. The campaign centers on a limited run of red cans with the white ribbon, but without the signature Coca-Colalogo. Instead, the cans carried the simple message: “Labels are for cans, not for people.”

“We are very proud and happy to be selected among the top 40 among more than 5,000 entries to SABRE Awards competitions in North America, Latin America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific,” said Murat Ozgel, general manager, Coca-Cola Middle East.

The award-winning video sets up a social experiment based on the fact that it takes just seven seconds to form prejudices about people based on their appearance.

A group of men were seated at a table in total darkness for Iftar, a meal eaten after sundown during Ramadan, and asked to talk about themselves. Each was then asked to tell their impressions of the others they couldn’t see.

When the lights came on, they found that their impressions were completely wrong. The heavy metal band member looked like a businessman; the behavioral science expert who had given TED talks had tattoos covering his face; a fluent Arabic speaker with a deep interest in Emirati culture was a Caucasian Westerner; a skydiver was in a wheel chair.

“We were extremely happy to see that this campaign went beyond the Middle East and travelled across the globe,” said Ozgel. “I am very proud of our team who showed great leadership in designing and launching this campaign.”