Last month, we took readers behind the lens of the stunning photography featured in Coke's new global campaign, "Taste the Feeling." Noted photographers Guy Aroch, Nacho Ricci and Anna Palma shot more than 150 stills -- which will appear in Coca-Cola print, outdoor, retail and digital advertising around the world -- on location in New York and California, USA.

Here, Guy Aroch, Anna Palma, and co-creative directors James Sommerville and Raphael Abreu from Coca-Cola share and discuss their favorite images from the campaign. Take a look:

Guy Aroch, Photographer 

Gear: Canon Mark 3 1DS with 35mm, 50mm, 100mm and 70-200mm lenses

“We were shooting down on the street, and my producer was walking around finding opportunities and cool things to photograph. He knocked on the door of this building and asked if we could use the roof. This was in August, but we needed some winter shots, so she put on a fleece. Her hair is perfectly messy, and she’s jumping up and down. It looks and feels authentic because it was. It wasn’t overly-thought, overly-doctored or overly-discussed."

“These girls are being silly and having fun. It’s such a happy, cool moment where they’re cracking up laughing. You either want to be them or be there with them. It’s done in a way that doesn’t feel staged. Throughout the shoot, it was all about being light-handed and believing in the moment. When we stopped believing, we'd move on to the next moment.”

Guy Aroch and Anna Palma

“We’ve all been on that car ride. The guy in the back is a model; the girl in front isn't. We had them pass the Coke bottle back and forth. It’s giving you hints of what might have happened, but doesn’t spell it all out… you can insert yourself into the moment and draw your own conclusions. My friend was driving and I’m in the backseat. We kept circling the block. The old-school car turns up the volume on the nostalgic look." 

Anna Palma, Photographer

Gear: Canon Mark 3 1DS with 35mm, 50mm, 100mm and 70-200mm lenses

“I love that this is based on a classic Coca-Cola ad from the past, which shows that great imagery is timeless. I also love the simplicity of the colors, the humor and the expression of one of my favorite models and human beings, Amanda Norgaard. I’m proud of it because it works on all levels, and it’s fun and beautiful. And I love that it was done in close collaboration with James (Sommerville), who showed me the old image to riff off of. That’s what this project is about: collaboration!” 

“It's so atmospheric… it makes me want to drink a Coca-Cola in a movie theater. I love how it’s cropped – less is more here. I also really like the color simplicity. The bottle is the hero, the centerpiece, the main character. And the rest of the image is a vignette of a relatable situation. It’s real, and it’s beautiful.”

James Sommerville, VP of Global Design, Coca-Cola

“An everyday, relatable moment between two friends. Are they lovers, siblings or just friends? The situation altogether is intriguing. The cinema bulbs feel intrinsic and light up their faces as she looks back. The dark tones of the city lights on the left contrast and frame the subject perfectly. The Coca-Cola bottle in full focus plays a central role in the story.”

“This is my Mona Lisa shot. Is this a smile, or not? Has she seen a friend or a foe? The natural beauty of her expression feels effortless and very real. The product against her bottom lip plays a key role in the story, while the liquid and glass bottle is the most prominent object but doesn’t overpower her. The angled, off-center Coca-Cola bottle directs the audience upwards towards her eyes.”

“This image has style, attitude and beauty all-in-one. The symmetrical composition with the Coca-Cola bottle in the center, in full focus acts as the centerpiece. I love her orange fingernails as a pop of color, the way she drops out of focus while still staying visible enough to let the viewer relate to her. Most of all, I love the guy on the bike behind her, who has turned his head while cycling and is looking back at her. The fact that he's there, and not retouched, tells me this is a real moment.”

Raphael Abreu, Global Design Director, Coca-Cola

“It’s our most intriguing 'drinking' shot. Super tight close-up, simple composition, big pop of Coca-Cola red on her lips… and just a peek of our Georgia green glass bottle.”

“This is a 'product' shot with a great story behind. The composition is very symmetrical, and the single eye looking at the camera is magnetic. I picture a story in my head of her flirting with her photographer boyfriend. You probably imagine a different story… that’s the beauty of this image.”

“This is a 'moment' image but it has it all: The drinking (she’s looking at the camera with a beautiful smile… and I love the teeth gap), product (very prominent with the white-and-red straw) and social connection (two friends, but I can see by the look of the red-haired girl that they are not alone). I love the sunset light as well… it feels super optimistic. To me, this is a potential Coke classic image.”